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Upskilling for success

Boost your skillsets to stay competitive in an evolving professional arena

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January 18, 2024


In the fast-paced world of work today, staying competitive is not just about what you've already accomplished — it's about what you're ready to do next. As industries continue to rapidly evolve, so do the skills required to stay relevant and impactful in a changing job market. Investing in ongoing development through upskilling is crucial to not just adapt, but thrive. If you’re looking to add to your professional palette, or boost your team’s collective skillset, the following resources are great places to start!

Coursera: Collaborates with global universities and organizations to offer a wide range of courses, specializations, certifications, and degrees. It covers diverse subjects, including technology, business, health, and more. The platform often includes courses taught by professors from top institutions, and is also the home of the Google Career Certificate program, which over 150 major companies consider for entry-level IT jobs.  

edX: This online platform also partners with universities and institutions to provide courses, certifications, and degree programs. Known for its high-quality course content, edX covers a broad spectrum of topics, including AI & Digital Transformation, Sustainability, Leadership & Interpersonal Skills, Business Management & Strategy, Data Science, and more.

LinkedIn Learning: Formerly, Linkedin Learning offers over 5,000 courses and tutorials on professional development, creative skills, and technology. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to enhance their skills in areas like leadership, project management, software development, and more. Upon successful completion, these courses and certifications can be added to your LinkedIn profile and shared with prospective employers.

Free Resources

While most free resources do not offer certificates or diplomas without a fee, the courses themselves are robust and informative, and you can leverage this knowledge to bolster your skillset.

RBC Upskill: Upskill is a free and personalized career tool that uses your career-relevant skills, education, interests and work experience to help you discover and prepare for the job you want.

LinkedIn Learning Library: Many public libraries in Canada offer free access to a range of LinkedIn Learning courses with a valid library card. Visit your local library’s website to learn if they offer this partnership.

Gale Courses: Designed to support learning opportunities through public libraries, Gale currently offers more than 325 six-week long online programs taught by college instructors. New courses begin each month, with lessons assigned twice a week. Contact your local library to learn about availability.

If you're an individual looking to boost your marketability, or a leader looking to augment your team’s collective abilities, upskilling is a crucial investment in future success. This can be accomplished through a growing variety of platforms, from credentialed programs to specialized courses and free knowledge bases. Whichever method you choose, a proactive approach to is essential to thrive in our rapidly evolving times.

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