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How We Use AI at Altis

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September 20, 2023


At Altis, we’re humans finding humans. We know that real connections between clients and candidates are made by real people, not by machines.

This is why people are at the core of everything we do, whether it’s taking a personalized approach to finding the most qualified candidates or taking the time to truly understand our clients’ hiring needs.

And to help us continuously improve our service—connecting candidates with clients in the safest, most efficient way possible—we use a range of technologies to supplement and augment our work.

That is, we’re humans finding humans… with the help of technology. And as these technologies evolve, so will we.

To keep growing into the future, we’ll continuously evaluate new tools and technologies—including those powered by AI—that will help us work smarter, more efficiently and more creatively than ever before.

And most importantly, we will always ensure that every new tool we adopt enables us to work ethically and responsibly in support of our Guiding Principles.

We know that AI will continue to evolve over time, and when used responsibly, AI-powered tools can unleash greater creativity and productivity in the workplace, freeing our team members from routine, time-consuming tasks.

We also acknowledge AI’s many limitations—everything from inaccuracies and biases to privacy and security concerns and copyright infringement.

This is why, when it comes to using AI, all our team members will complete mandatory ongoing training on its responsible, ethical usage.

Note: Regardless of the tools we use, we strictly protect the privacy of all clients, candidates and community members.

In brief, here’s how we use AI at Altis:

  • We use AI-powered tools that are bundled with some of our enterprise software programs. For example, in Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in Microsoft Bing, etc.
  • We use ChatGPT to recommend DRAFT content for things like job descriptions, interview questions, blog posts, email correspondence, sales scripts, and more. As per our AI Acceptable Use Policy, our team members are trained to:
    • Avoid entering any sensitive, private information related to clients or candidates in their prompts;
    • Review, revise and update AI-generated content before releasing it publicly, confirming it is free from bias, accurate, current, on-brand and authentic to us; and
    • Disable chat history and model training in ChatGPT.
  • Note: We will permanently delete all ChatGPT conversations from our network (both prompts and generated text) after an industry-standard length of time (typically, 30 days), as per our Electronic Monitoring Policy.

The Altis “Humans Finding Humans” Approach

There are many AI-powered tools that can be used in recruitment and hiring—everything from Applicant Tracking Systems that screen candidates to AI-powered interview platforms that review candidate answers.

However, while we will continuously evaluate new tools and technologies that help us better serve our clients and candidates, as of today, we believe our “humans finding humans” approach is better at sourcing the most qualified candidates.

Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Our team of expert recruiters carefully reviews each resume submitted, surfacing the most qualified candidates for each open role.
  • Our recruiters interview each qualified candidate either by phone, over video or in person, taking detailed notes to add to our database, so we can quickly find the most qualified candidates for open roles.
  • Our database includes more than 900,000 pre-screened candidates—and it’s growing by the day. To help surface the most qualified candidates for any given role, our recruiters tailor their search using up to 400 search criteria.
  • Our team answers all candidate and client queries personally by phone, text or email.

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