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Key advantages to continuing your job search over the holiday season

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December 11, 2023


As the year winds down and festive lights start to twinkle, it can be tempting to assume that businesses have paused hiring, and shelve your job search until January. However, our team believes that this season is not only a fantastic time to revitalize your job search strategy — it might just be the perfect opportunity to land your dream job, and start your new year a step ahead!

Hiring never takes a holiday

December can be a hidden gem for job seekers. Contrary to the belief that most companies pause their hiring efforts over the holidays, a variety of organizations continue active recruitment. While some sectors may experience a temporary slowdown, others are actively looking to fill critical positions before the start of the new year.  In fact, it's a time when we often see increased urgency in our clients’ available opportunities – with some actively looking to fill crucial roles before the break.  

Many employers start to look at their headcount as we approach the end of the year, as this is often a time to analyze annual strategies, and set goals and objectives for the new year – some of which will come with new staffing requirements. And sometimes the numbers can be surprising – in 2023, Canada added 104,000 jobs in December! Finalizing these hiring decisions early allows organizations to enter the new year with a fully staffed team that is ready to hit the ground running.

Additionally, for companies operating on a fiscal calendar tied to the calendar year, the end of December gives urgency to budget allocations for hiring, prompting companies to fill essential roles in order to maximize their resources.

Stand out like a star

One of the biggest benefits of job hunting during this season is reduced competition. Many job seekers take time off from their search, assuming that hiring slows down. However, this creates a unique opportunity for those who stay in the game. Our recruiters actively place candidates at all times of the year — but with fewer people applying for open roles, the most responsive candidates can gain a true advantage. Staying active and engaged throughout December can make it easier to stand out, and shine.

An added bonus: Expressing your interest in a job during the end-of-year season can be a strategic move that speaks volumes about your dedication, and shows a proactive attitude that many employers appreciate.

Get prepped to get ahead

The extra time off at the end of the year can also provide a natural break for professional self-reflection and preparation. If you’re experiencing a slow down in suitable opportunities, use this time to get ahead of the curve for January. Update your resume, polish your LinkedIn profile, ensure that your online presence aligns with your professional goals, and fine-tune your brand accordingly. If you have a personal website, make sure it’s up-to-date and in line with modern standards and functionality. Consider doing a deeper dive to reassess your strengths, transferrable skills, and career objectives, and use this information to set new goals and strategies for the new year. When the job market picks up steam in January, you’ll be a confident, well-oiled machine with no holiday rust to work off – putting you one step ahead of the competition.

For extra guidance, check out our learning area for job seekers – it’s full of great tips for perfecting your resume, polishing your interviewing skills, and much more.

Patience is a virtue

This time of year can be especially frustrating for job seekers seeking urgent employment, but we encourage those in the hunt to reimagine these few weeks as a strategic window for career advancement. While there may be fewer postings, the opportunities to stand out are out there for active searchers. Remember that persistence and strategic planning can lead to professional success stories. It requires a degree of patience, but it can pay off. Be proactive, stay positive, and get prepped for the year ahead!

The Altis team is always here to support our candidates, and connect them to optimal opportunities. Be sure to continue checking our website this month for exciting new roles; and if you haven’t created a Candidate profile yet, get yours started today!

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