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Trend 2: ChatGPT and recruitment

Be on the lookout for fakes in 2024

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January 19, 2024


Note: This post is part of our Special Report: Top 10 people & culture trends for 2024.

As noted in Trend 1, employers will need to prioritize hiring real people with real AI skills in 2024. But with so many candidates using ChatGPT in their search, the key for employers this year will be to determine who and what is real.

This task will be especially challenging given the increased volume of applications. One survey found that applicants are applying to 15% more roles thanks to programs like ChatGPT and LazyApply that automate the process. surveyed over 1000 current and recent job seekers who used ChatGPT when applying for new positions and found:

  • 46% used ChatGPT to write their resumes and/or cover letters
  • 7 in 10 report a higher response rate from companies 
  • 78% got an interview; 59% were hired  
  • 4 in 10 say interviewers couldn’t tell they used ChatGPT 

In a follow-up survey, the company found:

  • 45% of candidates surveyed admitted to exaggerating their AI skills (32% lied about AI skills on their resumes and 30% lied during the interview process)

So, how can employers evaluate if a standout resume was actually written by the candidate and is truthful? That’s where human connection and conversation comes in.  

The resume gets the interview; the hiring manager fleshes out if the candidate is real.  

Tips for 2024

  • When reviewing resumes, look for mismatches in dates, titles, roles, promotions, why they left.
  • If conducting an online interview, maintain eye contact to determine if the candidate is reading their resume. When possible, consider an in-person interview.
  • Consider a criminal and/or credit check when required for the job. We saw a 47% increase in requests for these checks in 2023.  
  • Verify education where possible, including a check to ensure the institution is real. We’ve done a complete audit of educational institutions after finding many fake universities with fake phone numbers, diplomas, transcripts etc.
  • Consider thought-provoking interview questions such as:
    • How have you handled a crisis in the past?
    • Can you give me examples of your leadership?
    • Describe how you set goals, and how you track your own attainment of them. 
    • What do you like learning about? Please share what you’re reading and learning right now.
    • Share a common scenario and ask them for their strategies or tactics to address it. Does it match the experience on their resume?

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