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Our Rebrand to Altis

Why we did it, what it means and what comes next.

Published on

May 29, 2023


We have exciting news about the evolution of our brand!

Today, in the lead-up to our 35th anniversary next year, we’re streamlining our ENTIRE offering under ONE big, national brand umbrella: Altis.  

That’s right, to position us for future growth, we’re retiring our Excel brand names (excelHR and excelITR) and amalgamating all our separate businesses. Going forward, we’ll be offering the same great service nationwide under only two distinct, specialized brand names:  

  • Altis Technology will cover all IT contracting, consulting and recruitment from coast to coast (encompassing and replacing excelITR)
  • <TAG> Altis Recruitment will cover everything else—contract and permanent, professional services, executive recruitment, finance, etc. (encompassing and replacing excelHR)

Easy-peasy. Or as we like to say, service simplified.

Why are we doing this?

Since 1989, our business has evolved alongside Canada’s labour market, and today, our brand has taken a giant leap to catch up.  

At first, our two co-founders, Kathryn Tremblay and Toni Guimaraes, were each responsible for building different niche areas. And over the years, as we opened offices across Canada, we built separate businesses in these areas to serve clients in distinct regions, industries and areas of specialization.  

That was then.  

With the passing of Toni Guimaraes from cancer in 2016 and our sudden switch to remote-by-choice work when the pandemic hit, our business model changed. Today, with one co-founder and one team that services clients and candidates across Canada, we’re streamlining our offering under one national brand umbrella—Altis.

It’s service simplified.  

And it’s one big step toward achieving our North Star goal: becoming Canada’s largest independent recruitment firm.

Fun Facts

  • We started out as Morgan Mitchell (because our co-founders thought it sounded "official").
  • In 1996, we chose the name Excel because Toni Guimaraes's sister-in-law loved using Excel software.
  • Altis comes from Altus, which means noble and high in Latin.
  • Our co-founders also considered the name Raddy Personnel (as in Radical). Too bad the name was already taken!

What does this mean for clients and candidates?

Other than our fresh, new look, not much changes for our valuable clients and candidates. Our team will continue to provide the same excellent service under our new specialized brand names.  

Questions? Check out our client FAQ and candidate FAQ for tailored answers.

What’s with that new logo?

We’re glad you asked! Like all logos, ours has a story.

  • The power of three: We work where business meets humanity and wanted our logo to represent the three groups of people who bring out the best in us every day: our clients, candidates and colleagues.  
  • The talent magnet: We also wanted it to represent the work we do to connect clients with candidates. Notice the magnet-like shape?
  • The humanity: We’re humans finding humans. And like all people, we’re interesting and unique, not cookie-cutter perfect. Our logo symbolizes the personalized, human-centred approach we take to building meaningful careers.  
  • The FUN: We’re approachable and friendly, upbeat and innovative, just like our new brand.

What comes next?

A big, bright future.  

Under the Altis umbrella, we’re consolidating our vision and mindsets into one.  

Together, we look forward to offering an incredible experience in staffing, being a great employer and always being good to our clients, candidates and community.

And at every step, moving ever closer to our goal of becoming Canada’s largest independent recruitment firm.  

We thank you for growing with us into the future!

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