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Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

We strive to be a model organization that takes intentional steps to create an inclusive and equitable environment for everyone.

Published on

May 29, 2023


Our commitment

We strive to be a model organization that celebrates the value of a diverse workforce and takes intentional steps to create an inclusive and equitable environment for everyone, reflecting the nation in which we live and the communities we serve.

We make this commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for the care of humanity and as a contribution to our collective vision for a just society.

What we're up to

Over the last few years, we’ve engaged multiple subject matter experts to help us create a strong foundation for our approach to DEI. Today, we’re committed to building on what we’ve learned and exploring how we can grow even further.

We’re going to focus on measurable actions and opportunities that educate our team members, while honouring our unique and intersecting identities. Our overarching goal? To improve our DEI outcomes by always making decisions based on impact.

We're working toward

  • A culture where team members are empowered to be agents of change by participating in educational opportunities that transform mindsets to reflect our guiding principles.
  • Increased access to employment for newcomers to Canada by providing professional development and networking opportunities, job search support and work experience within our teams.
  • A workforce that is both diverse and inclusive, built from an internal talent pool that equitably reflects the communities where we live and work.

By taking these steps

  • Hosting DEI committee and book club meetings to explore topics like body image in the workplace, ageism in recruitment, and more.
  • Inviting external speakers to host DEI-focused learning sessions.
  • Engaging in an immersive learning and volunteer opportunity for Pride month.
  • Adding closed captions to all new learning and development content in our learning hub.
  • Supporting newcomers to Canada through our paid apprenticeship program.
  • Partnering with businesses in our network to match newcomer apprentices with work opportunities.
  • Fostering connections for past and current apprenticeship participants by hosting in-person and online networking opportunities.
  • Gathering feedback from apprenticeship participants to improve the program
  • Revising our parental leave experience to ensure inclusivity and equity.
  • Establishing relationships and building allyship with organizations working to create a more inclusive and equitable society.
  • Engaging and partnering with clubs and student groups to build a network of diverse internal talent.
  • Auditing our job posts and descriptions through a DEI lens to ensure accessibility and inclusion across communities.

To deliver

  • A team that is educated, empowered and comfortable relating to cultural experiences so they can meaningfully connect with the community and are better equipped to address DEI-related issues in all areas of their work.
  • Equitable access to jobs for newcomers to Canada by removing the barrier of Canadian experience.
  • An inclusive workforce that reflects the diverse communities in which we live and work, where employees feel safe, welcomed and valued.
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