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Recent grad? 5 benefits of contract work

Contract work isn’t for everyone but for those looking for greater flexibility, or those early in their careers, it can be ideal.

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March 25, 2022


Candidates often ask us about contract work (AKA temp, freelance or gig employment). They want to know: What exactly are the advantages? There are plenty of them—especially in today’s hot job market, with more than 900,000 job vacancies across Canada and not enough candidates to fill them. Contract work isn’t for everyone—some prefer the stability of a permanent role—but for those looking for greater flexibility, or for new grads or those early in their careers looking to network and build their skills, it can be ideal.

Variety is the spice of work life. At Altis, temporary contracts span the private and public sectors, vary in length and run the full gamut from senior IT consultants to entry-level office support staff. Check out our job board to see current contract job opportunities.

Temp work is growing. As our economy continues to rebuild, employers are increasingly turning to contract workers to quickly staff up. In fact, nearly 70 per cent of Canadian employers said they expect to hire more contract workers in the next two years, and a full 64 per cent of those surveyed think freelance or gig workers will substantially replace full-time workers within the next five years. We’re already seeing signs of this trend, with growing demand for contract talent in areas like IT, human resources, customer service and office administration, in both the public and private sectors.

Five benefits of temp work for new grads

  1. BUILD AND SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS. Contract work offers a great way to build new professional skills (and maintain those you already have) while strengthening your resume and opening new doors for the future.
  2. WORK WHILE SEEKING OTHER OPPORTUNITIES. Finding the right permanent position can sometimes take a while, especially at the beginning of your career. Why not earn an income while you search for a permanent role? Bonus: When you complete temporary contracts through Altis Recruitment, our team will be there to support you in finding your next role, whether contract or permanent.
  3. NETWORK! The people you meet at work can offer advice and support, give you fresh ideas, connect you with new opportunities and people, help build your confidence and, ultimately, advance your career. Contract work offers a great way to build a robust network of professional contacts who will be there for you when you’re looking for your next opportunity. The more contracts you complete successfully, the more contacts you make.
  4. TEST THE WATERS. Temporary employment is kind of like a “career buffet.” It allows you to sample a wide variety of jobs in different sectors, so you can gain a better sense of what you like, what you don’t, and where you’re sure to flourish. It also lets you test-drive a company without making a long-term commitment, so you can see firsthand what the work environment is like before considering a permanent role at the organization.
  5. FLEXIBILITY. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of temp work is the flexibility it offers, in terms of when you work (contracts can vary in length from days, weeks, months or sometimes even longer), how often (you can take breaks between contracts) and, increasingly, where you work (many organizations now offer remote work options). You can tailor your work to suit your lifestyle, family needs and income requirements.

Get started today! Browse our job board to see current opportunities.

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