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How the NEW licensing requirements for Staffing Firms in Ontario will impact Altis Recruitment (Bill 27)

What you need to know about Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, which introduced changes to enhance the oversight of the recruitment and staffing industry.

Published on

June 8, 2023


The recent passing of Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, introduced significant changes to workplace laws to enhance the oversight of the recruitment and staffing industry.  

The primary goal of Bill 27 is to ensure that there are legislative safeguards to protect the interests of both employers and job seekers, ensuring fair and ethical practices within our industry.  

As a result of this Bill, recruitment companies are now required to obtain a license to operate in Ontario and comply with specific regulatory standards. This legislation aims to raise the bar for professionalism and accountability in our industry, providing greater protection to clients and candidates.  

Please know that Altis always places exceptional emphasis on the highest business ethics, standards of professionalism and communication, and appreciation for diversity and inclusion. We will be in full compliance with Bill 27.

The new provisions will come into effect on July 1, 2023 and there will be a 6 month period of time during which license applications must be submitted. Staffing firms will be fined and penalized if they are operating after January 1, 2024 without a license. Licenses are good for one year and cost $750.  

Our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients and candidates remains unchanged.  We take pride in adhering to ESA legislation, and we are dedicated to upholding any legislative changes that may arise and integrating them into our service.

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