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Altis Recruitment is committed to fostering fair and accessible employment practices. Our dedication extends to accommodating individuals with disabilities throughout the entire employment cycle. Here's how we ensure accessibility:

  • Recruitment and Assessment: In the recruitment and assessment phases, we consider the unique needs of candidates with disabilities, and adjust our communications to ensure inclusivity. We also encourage our clients to make necessary accommodations.
  • Individual Accommodation and Return-to-Work Plans: We're proactive in developing and implementing individual accommodation and return-to-work plans for employees who have been absent due to disabilities.
  • Emergency Preparedness: We create personalized emergency preparedness plans for employees with disabilities, should such conditions be disclosed.
  • Workplace Accommodations: When we become aware of disabilities, we make accommodations tailored to individual needs in the workplace.

At Altis Recruitment, we are committed to ensuring that every member of our team understands our Accessibility Policy and is dedicated to adhering to it by making our services as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We place a strong emphasis on training and awareness regarding our Accessibility Policy and the Ministry of Community and Social Service's Customer Service Plan. Here's how we ensure that all team members, including internal staff and assigned candidates, are well-versed in our commitment to accessibility:

Training Overview: Our Accessible Customer Service Plan, aligned with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the customer service standard, is an integral part of our training program.

Training Delivery: This plan is provided to new staff members during their initial training. We also train internal team members following any role changes, any time our policy is updated and as an annual refresher.

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