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Debunking the myths of working with recruiters

We’re clearing up the top five misconceptions for job seekers!

Published on

March 14, 2024


If you’re on the lookout for a new job, you’ll likely cross paths with a number of recruiters as you navigate the market. Working with a staffing firm can be a valuable resource in your search, but there are several misconceptions that often deter job seekers from taking advantage of everything a reputable recruitment firm has to offer! Let's tackle these myths head-on and clear the air about the myths of recruiting firms.

MYTH: It costs money to work with a recruiter

FACT: Let’s settle this one right away! No credible recruitment firm will ever charge job seekers for their services. Instead, we are compensated by our clients (the employers), who hire us to find suitable candidates like you for their open positions. An added bonus: working with a well-established recruiter like Altis can give you access to a broader range of opportunities, including some that may not be publicly advertised. We also offer valuable advice on resume improvements, interview techniques, and salary negotiations, all at no cost to you.

MYTH: Recruiters only fill temporary positions

FACT: Another common misconception is that recruitment firms only offer temporary or contract positions. While some agencies do specialize in temp roles, many others (like us!) also work extensively with clients looking to fill a large variety of permanent full-time positions, from entry-level to the executive suite. As recruiters, we have a shared interest in finding the right match for both the job seeker and the employer, because your long-term success is the common goal for everyone involved. Think of us like career match-makers – it’s our job to understand your professional journey, skills, and preferences, so we can introduce you to opportunities that fit your long-term goals.

MYTH: Multiple recruitment agencies = multiplied chances  

FACT: When it comes to getting help connecting to opportunities, it might seem like a case of ‘the more the merrier.’ However, working with a handful of recruitment firms at the same time can actually complicate your job search. For example, your resume could be submitted to the same role by different recruiters, giving hiring managers a less-than-ideal impression of your professionalism and organizational skills. Often, it's more effective to develop a solid professional relationship with a dedicated recruiter who understands your unique skillset and personal career aspirations and can support you throughout your search.

MYTH: It looks better to apply directly  

FACT: Some job seekers believe that bypassing a recruiter and applying directly to an employer increases their chances of being hired. However, we often have close relationships with the companies we work with, and are experts at advocating on your behalf. We have specific understanding of our clients’ needs and company culture, which enables us to present your application in a way that highlights your unique fit for the role and the organization. In some cases, our recruiters can speed up the hiring process even further by communicating your potential directly to the hiring managers and decision-makers.

MYTH: Recruiters will spam your resume without your consent

FACT: Some candidates worry that working with a recruiter means their resume will be sent out indiscriminately to a huge number of companies without their knowledge. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Reputable recruiters will always do their research, and only present you to clients with opportunities that line up with your resume and preferences. We respect your privacy, and always work to make sure your job search stays confidential.

Working with a recruitment firm can be a powerful tool in your job search kit. By debunking these myths, we hope to encourage job seekers to take advantage of the benefits that professional recruiters offer. Remember, a good recruiter's goal is to create a match that benefits both the job seeker and the employer, and results in a successful long-term placement.  

If you’re looking for a little help standing out in your search, connect with us today to kick start your career journey. And don’t forget to browse and bookmark our available opportunities to stay on top of new roles as they become available!

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