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CEO Corner: What's the deal with quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting isn't new and it's not necessarily accurate. Watch as our CEO and co-founder Kathryn Tremblay shares her insights on employee engagement.

Published on

September 14, 2022


Everywhere I turn these days, I see endless buzz about a term that I despise: #quietquitting. It’s not new (researchers have been studying disengaged employees for over 100 years), it’s not accurate (there’s nothing quiet about this trend…and creating balance is not the same as ‘quitting’) and in my view, it’s simply not true. I don’t think employees are looking for ways to do less. In fact, I think they’re motivated to do their best and can be trusted to be productive at work because it provides a sense of purpose. Seeking work/life alignment is a terrific goal worth celebrating. To think that employees are purposefully declining work so they can do less, while staying on the job, just seems like disrespect for everyone doing their best. And if employees don’t have that purpose to be lit up at work? There are ways that employers can help reignite it, increase engagement and build trust. Read our blog for tips.

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