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Beat the summer slowdown: Job search tips for staying motivated

Ahhhh, summer. A time to relax, bask in the sun, see some sights and... pump up the job search??

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July 4, 2024


Yes, that’s right. If you’re looking for a new role, summer is a great time to heat things up.  

While hiring might be slower, the summer months can help you gain an edge over other job seekers who might decide to take a break until the fall. Whether it's networking at a BBQ or looking into upskilling, there are plenty of ways to stay proactive and maybe even get a head start on the September surge!

Here are our top 10 quick tips for staying motivated and making the most of your job search during the summer months.

1. Consider contract or temporary options

Many companies slow their full-time hiring during the summer and ramp up in the fall when they can offer better training and onboarding experiences. However, it’s best to keep an eye out for suitable contract or temporary roles, as they can help you build your skillset and boost your professional network. And you never know, in some cases, a temporary role could lead to a full-time position.

2. Keep track of where you apply

Use a spreadsheet to keep tabs on all the positions you’ve applied for. Staying organized helps you follow up effectively and prevents you from applying to the same place twice.

3. Go the extra mile

Use this time to write a thoughtful LinkedIn message or send that hiring manager another email explaining why you’re the ideal candidate. Mention anything specific you’ve noticed about the company to show that you’re resourceful and eager.

4. Upgrade your skills

Take advantage of the downtime to upskill. Look at the roles you’re interested in and identify any gaps in your skillset. Then, find ways to improve those areas by taking courses, gaining certifications or volunteering, for example. And be sure to include these new skills on your resume.

5. Use those ‘Out-of-Offices’ to your benefit

If your key contact at a company is away, introduce yourself to the person covering for them. It’s a great way to make another connection at the company.

6. Take advantage of lighter schedules

Workloads may also slow this time of year, making hiring managers and recruiters more open to talking with you. Try to book some informational meetings or coffee chats; they’re a great way to get the inside scoop on upcoming roles while building relationships.

7. Use social events as networking opportunities

Those patio hangouts or cottage parties can be great for networking. Let people know you’re looking for a job and ask them to open their networks or make an introduction. You never know who they might know! Just keep your resume up to date and handy.

8. Set goals

Set small, achievable goals for your job search each week. This will help you stay motivated and better able to track your progress.

9. Stay positive

It’s important to keep a positive attitude. Remember to take breaks and be kind to yourself. The summer slowdown is temporary, and your persistence will pay off. We’re rooting for you!

10. Get a head start on September

We often see a surge in hiring heading into the fall months. Taking the time now to network, build relationships, and perfect your resume and other job search materials will put you well ahead of anyone who is taking a break until September.

Keep these tips in mind, and don't let the summer lull slow you down. Your next opportunity could be just around the corner!

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